Sunday, November 6, 2011


Sometimes I wish I wasn't so mature. I miss going out and having so much fun! I used to be a party animal and I don't necessarily miss that, but I do miss going out with my friends. I actually used to get invited to things and would go out. Now, I'm bored on the weekends. Andrew tries to entertain me, but I can tell he's bored too. I just don't know what to do anymore. I only have like 2 friends here and both of them have their own "party agendas" that I'm never invited to or know about. It does suck, I'm not going to lie. But it also sucks trying to find a babysitter so I'd rather have people come over here. But then I feel like it's boring over here. waaah :(

On another note, I've also run in to a fashion crisis. I have NO clothes. Well, obviously I have clothes, but not many. I used to know exactly how to dress, I looked cute everyday. I was never caught dead with my hair pulled back in a messy bun or in sweats, and now that's turned in to my wardrobe. I wear yoga/sweat pants, a t, a hoodie, and moccasins everyday. And my hair is alwaaays in a pony with a headband. Seriously. And I rarely wear make up. what to do? I don't have money to go buy some new clothes, so I have to make due with what I have. 2 pairs of skinnys and a bootcut flare jean, 1-2 dresses/tunics, a couple of tanks, 3 cardigans, maybe a couple of v necks. and a loooot of t shirts. For shoes, I have a pair of really cool/cute nike high tops, black bootie moccasins, black ugg bearpaw boots, black sequin sperrys, and um maybe like some random clogs. Help me out?! How do you guys dress? Maybe send me some ideas if you have any, I'd love any help! I want to feel pretty again!

Oh, one more thing. I got in a freakin' car accident on Wednesday and my car might be totalled!! seriously? it sucks, but I get a rental car tomorrow. Here's to hoping I can afford it!! Everyone have a great night/week.
Muah xo.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I hope people actually read this...

...I feel like I have a story to tell. Of struggles, succeeding, fighting, late nights, high school, college, work, etc. I feel like, hey, my story is actually worthwhile to tell kids about, hoping that they don't get in the situation I've put myself in.
I'm not famous and my life isn't broadcasted to all the world to see like the lovely ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, but I feel like I may be able to help in some way. Maybe not right away, but I hope that in my career, I can help those that want to hear. :)

xo babes, good night.