Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well hello blog...

It's been a long time!

Yes, I've been MIA and this will probably be the only post for another few weeks!
I have been super busy working and school and Cole and drama, that there is no time to fit this in. Like, seriously, no time. There are not enough hours in my day to get done what I need to get done.

Cole is super amazing, cute as ever, but also naughtier than ever. I blame the terrible 2s but I've been told it extends to the 3 and 4s as well. Oh so excited....

Anyway, I recently became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I'm very excited for this! It seems like a great opportunity to earn a little bit of money, and I really hope it works out for you. I'm free to ship for free, or deliver locally :) Also, as part of my training, I need 30 girls to do facials on. If you're in Lincoln, please consider coming to Studio Pink on 56 and Holdredge as my guest. It's free and there are no obligations. Just a good time! Those parties are on Tuesdays. If you are not free those days, consider throwing a Mary Kay party, or just letting me come in to your home to give you a free facial and show you the wonders of Mary Kay.
if you are interested in products, a free facial, booking a party, or becoming a team member!