Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I have never wanted Cole to grow up without the influence and relationship of a father. This is why I stayed with Andrew for so long, I wanted Cole to have a family.
Now that Andrew and I have split, Andrew has not spent more than a few days at a time with his son, and lately not even a couple of hours.
What can be going through someone's head that they don't want to see their child, or don't try hard enough to come around? Or that they wouldn't pay any child support, are you not concerned about your child and if they are eating, have clothes, or a place over his head?
It is sickening to me. It really is. But for me, I have to be strong for Cole. I am his mommy and daddy and I have to continue to provide through everything, and give Cole the example he needs to be successful in life. I love that little man more than anything in the world, I hope he can grow up realizing that I've done everything to be there for him.