Saturday, June 18, 2011


In less than 3 months, I will no longer be a "teen mom". I'll be 20 freakin' years old which is super weird to me!
The start of my "life". Even though it started with Cole, pretty much.
That is all..


I don't know if you all have ever seen that show, but I imagine you have. If not, it's a show about an addict and their family/friends. The family and friends set up an intervention for them.

I know this is so, I don't know, stupid I guess, but that show scares me to death of what could be with Cole.
There is some history of drug use and addiction in both mine and Andrew's family. It scares me that there is a possibility of him even ever trying a drug and then possibly getting addicted. I know this is so far fetched and may never happen but it just makes me not want him to grow up.
If he never grows up, he'll always be innocent, he'll always be my little baby boy. My perfect boy.
Ugh, I don't know why I had to think about that. But I guess I feel like it is a big possibility. I'm just scared.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Wow, I haven't written in my blog for weeks! I let Andrew borrow my computer so I've been doing everything on my phone and I finally figured out how to do this from my phone.
Things Cole has learned in the past month:
1. He takes steps! It's only 1-3 at a time, but he's getting there! I'm so proud of him.
2. He says "mada". It's the closest I can get to getting him to say "mama". I'll take it!
3. He now waves bye! It's a funny wave, but it's so so cute! <3
Father's Day is coming up! I'm excited for it, because Cole and I will get to see Andrew :) I'm getting him a simple grill, I know he'll love that.

In other news, I'm apartment/house/daycare searching. Our lease is up november, and I don't want to live at that apartment for another f'n year. I want something at least a little bit nicer in a better neighborhood. Wish us luck!

Goodnight, everyone. Follow me on twitter @carobabie :)
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