Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Day.

Ah, I can't believe it's Thursday. My "weekend" starts today! :) My last 2 classes are also today, so that's a plus!

Speaking of Thursday, when does your "weekend" start? What do you do over the weekend?
Unfortunately I'll be working Friday and Saturday, but gotta make some money! I'm paying two rents next month (wah!) and so I need to get as much money as I can!

On another note, moms: do you belong to a mom group on the internet or in real life? What do you all do to be a part of the group? What kind of group is it?
I've been looking for a group to be a part of in real life, but there's a lot of older women with their children and I just always feel so awkward, like they are looking at me and judging. Plus no group can compete with my facebook mom group. We've all been together since our kids were born (June-Aug 2010), some of them longer than that! If it weren't for those other mothers, I'd probably be depressed and crazy.

Everyone have a wonderful day!
xo Caro

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Can you believe that teen pregnancy rates are down drastically last year?! That's awesome. This is the lowest rate since the 1940s! 34 per 1000 young women will get pregnant from ages 15-19. I'm very proud that everything is dropping, but it's time to make it even lower for this year!

Teen parents, this is where we come in! It's time to educate our friends, our community, and all others about sex! is a great place to start and a very good web site to help with teaching others about safe sex.
I know I want to try harder in my community. It's very hard because the city where I come from is full of teen parents. I graduated with about 10-13 pregnant or already teen mothers (including myself). It's rough. And I know a lot of young women who are pregnant now, and some are even having second children at young ages! This is very tragic to me, as I now how hard it is to be a mother and still want to be selfish. I want to go out some nights, I want to be able to leave the house by myself at a moment's notice, hell, I'd just love to go to the bathroom or take a shower by myself! I couldn't even imagine having 2 right now, I'd be pulling my hair out! So because I know the consequences involved in having a child at a young age, I am protecting myself. I started off with the birth control pill, but it didn't work out so great. I just kept forgetting to take it, sometimes for as long as week! More recently, I got the Mirena IUD. It is awesome! I've only had it about 1.5 months, but as soon as it got put in, I felt more at ease. Learn more here:

Anyway, it's time for us to step up as an example of what can happen when we're not careful. Obviously the lifestyles we lead are not ideal, but I do love my life and my child. I have made the best of my situation through everything and I would never change it. But now, I want to give those that still have the chance at a "normal" young adulthood to *not* give that up and just be free :)
xo Caro


I have been so busy these past few months with school/work/family life! It is so crazy! This is my last week of class and then I have finals next week. I'm so nervous, but also so relieved for this semester to be coming to an end! I'm proud to say I've done pretty well in my classes!
So many things have been going on, so I'll catch you up:
 1. Getting a new apartment!!!!
 2. Finishing up school
 3. New daycare for Cole!
So we applied for a new apartment, put our deposit down, and we're about 90% sure we'll get it. We should hear about it tomorrow or the next day; YAY!
I'm also almost done with school (as mentioned above).
Cole started going to a new in-home daycare as of today. He loves it SO much, it's crazy. Doesn't even cry or whine when leaving us, which partially breaks my heart, but also makes me happy that he's content.

I'm so loving life right now and I'm hoping it gets better and better! I'm just putting my life in God's hands right now and letting him guide me in the right direction. So far, everything is turning out pretty perfect :)
Goodnight bloggers xo Caro

Lil man Model :)

Monday, April 16, 2012


I really feel that I need to keep up with this blog. When I was pregnant I tried to blog every week, sometimes more, and I love that I have a testament of my life for me to look back on.
Lately I've been feeling a lot better. School isn't awful, I have a babysitter for Cole, bills are caught up, and Andrew has a new job! It really makes me happy that everything feels like it's finally falling in to place. We may even be able to get out of this crappy apartment by the summer! We are going to be looking at a couple places starting tomorrow. I am so excited!
Cole is doing amazing as always. The terrible 2's are creeping up on us, though, and it's very trying. He throws a lot of tantrums and doesn't want to eat what seems like ever. I get so frustrated, but luckily, I'm pretty patient with him, which I hope pays off after this "phase" is over.
I'm starting to work out again, and this time I hope to keep to it. Some of my other mommy friends will be doing it with me, so I think that will really help me want to do this. Especially after I see them working hard for over a week, I hope that I will do the same.

Everyone have a happy day! xo