Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This weekend is THE BIG WEEKEND. Andrew and I get the keys to our first apartment. :)
I'm SO pumped, but SO scared. I'll be moving away from my MOM & everything I know..
All the help we have here is gone...Luckily one of my friends in Lincoln has agreed to help watch Cole when I'm working or whenever I'm at school & she's not. :) Isn't that awesome!?

Anyway, nothing really new has happened. I'm just trying to get last minute stuff for our apartment. Well there's some stuff that is not "last minute". Such as a couch and dining room set. Still don't have that, ha. :/
It's tough because Andrew isn't bringing in any income and it sucks. I'm making pretty good money serving at Red Lobster, but its not enough for all 3 of us. I really, really hope Andrew can find something in Lincoln. When we go to Lincoln this weekend, he will DEF go job hunting even if I have to DRAG him all over the city. That's a promise.
I've been thinking about child support. I applied for some government help, and since Andrew and I are not married, they are looking to pursue child support. At first I was trying to find any way to get them to NOT because it'd be kind of stupid since we're going to be living together, but maybe it's not so stupid. Because I can use whatever child support I get from him to pay for his half or whatever of rent & utilities that way I know I won't get jipped out of it. I trust him, but at the same time, its hard when I'm not 100% sure if he will follow on his word! I love him but UGH. sometimes that boy.... ;) lol
Well anyway, I can't wait to get the keys to our place!!!! I'm going to go and get diapers now, story of my life! ha :)


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