Wednesday, January 12, 2011

quick blog before I go to bed..

Tmr is my first day of college! YAYYY. I'm excited, nervous, terrified, exstatic!!
I don't even know what to say.
In other news..Cole is huge! He is so handsome and perfect.
He can sit up by himself for minutes at a time which is awesome to see, and he is trying to crawl! It's so funny. He sticks his butt up in the air while he gets on his knees, he just hasn't quite figured out how to get on his hands at the same time, HA.
I LOVE MY LIFE. I feel like everythings falling in to place, FINALLY. Andrew & I are super happy, we love having our own place, taking care of Cole everyday. He's our everything.
Well, I guess I should go to sleep. Or atleast try...
even though I'm not one bit tired... :/


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