Monday, June 13, 2011


Wow, I haven't written in my blog for weeks! I let Andrew borrow my computer so I've been doing everything on my phone and I finally figured out how to do this from my phone.
Things Cole has learned in the past month:
1. He takes steps! It's only 1-3 at a time, but he's getting there! I'm so proud of him.
2. He says "mada". It's the closest I can get to getting him to say "mama". I'll take it!
3. He now waves bye! It's a funny wave, but it's so so cute! <3
Father's Day is coming up! I'm excited for it, because Cole and I will get to see Andrew :) I'm getting him a simple grill, I know he'll love that.

In other news, I'm apartment/house/daycare searching. Our lease is up november, and I don't want to live at that apartment for another f'n year. I want something at least a little bit nicer in a better neighborhood. Wish us luck!

Goodnight, everyone. Follow me on twitter @carobabie :)
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