Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have a lot of wishes for this life time:
I wish I had more time to fulfill all of my dreams (school, career, vacations)
I wish I had more money to fulfill said dreams.
I wish I could just get married and it would work.
I wish that I was always strong enough to deal with my life.
I wish I could lose weight and inches in my problem areas.
I wish I could give Cole everything and more than what I had...

Isn't that just such a waste of time? I wish all these things and even new things each day, but what does it even do?
My two wishes for today are: I wish I wrote more on here and I wish more people read and gave me feedback.
I love blogging, I love writing, and I love it when people can connect to what I'm talking about. It's amazing to know that there are other people that feel the same way I do.

What do you all think I should write about more often? What are you more interested to see?

So lately, my life has been so hectic and busy! Between schoo, work, Cole, and being a house "wifey", I can barely find time for myself! Today is the first day in a couple weeks that I can relax on the couch, not shower, hang out with Andrew and Cole, and watch TV and movies. It's great! Except the house is messy and I haven't gotten any homework done. But I will start homework in about and hour.
School is great, work is meh which is obvious, and my family is amazing.
What is going on with you?

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