Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wow, society.

So, I get pretty pissed when I see pictures or comments about teen mothers. Actually, I get pretty damn heated. I had my child at 18 and *obviously* people have made stereotypes on teen moms. WE ARE NOT ALL TRASH, BITCHES. YES, I had my child when I was young, yes I had help from my parents, and yes, I had government help for some time. But guess what? I'm a damn tax payer too! I work 2 jobs and pay taxes on both, so any of you saying that people that have government assistance cheat the system, or are taking the easy way out, fuck you. I don't sit on my ass all day, so please, don't flatter yourself thinking that your paying for my damn groceries, cause so am I! Plus, because I want to make more money to take care of my family, I can't get govt assistance because I make too much. So there ya go, how about people stop making comments about teen moms in general, when you don't know the situations. I know plenty of young moms get help they need while working their asses off. If you have a problem with the way a young mom lives their life, please take it up with them, but it is so hurtful to see people's misconceptions about young/teen moms. I'm not asking you to reward me, because my amazing son is a great gift, but I'm asking you to shut the fuck up, unless you have a problem with a specific person because you know their life.

Can you tell that's a hot button for me? Shout out to my other young mommas who are doing everything they can for the babies.


Anonymous said...

Most teens mom ask for it. You shouldn't be bothered by it because you claim to be a good mom. People do cheat the system. Because I've seen it done by many moms. Not all teen moms, but there are moms who do it. Of course it's going to put a bad name on teen moms when a majority of them don't take good care of their kids. They leave it for the grandparents to raise them, or they just raise them in an environment that is harmful to any kid. Some kids get lucky to have a good mom. You can't talk about all teen moms like they are saints, because no one in this world is a saint. I know that I would not have been a good teen mom. And I would not have liked bringing a kid to suffer with me. I don't pity teen moms because and how much they suffer because if you fuck a guy, you are putting yourself out there to the risks. You don't have to have sex. And if you do, which a lot of teens do, be smart about it. There are a lot of teens out there that have sex and you don't see them with pregnant. And that's because they care about their future. They want to be someone in their life, and they know a kid will slow them down, or it will stop them from their dream. They want to have kids when they can give them a stable home, with a dad that has a good job, and they can raise it with how they want to raise it. What can a teen mom offer? Not much. And teens shouldn't have kids. Awesome that you love your kid, but I'm pretty such he wasn't planned. You just got screwed by life and you have to deal with it now. Being a teen mom isn't like being African American or Hispanic. Where you get stereotyped for being born a certain way and they automatically think you're a drug dealer or you are a thief. You bring it up on yourself. I don't celebrate teen moms, and I never will. But if you are working hard to raise your kid right, what are you getting so worked up about? The majority of teen moms are trashy bitches who don't care to take care of their kids. Get over it.

Carolina said...

"Anonymous" - I love how you think you know every teen mom. If you've met every teen mom, then you can say that they cheat the system. Yes, I know some people do, but guess what? It's not only teen moms, it's middle aged people, its Hispanic people, it's White people, it's every race and *kind* of person that cheats the system, not teen moms. I didn't ask you to celebrate teen moms. Do I celebrate teen moms, no, but I know the hard work I put in to my day that I do applaud them for stepping up when the circumstances aren't in their favor. I get so worked up because ignorant people like you think they know everything. I'm glad that you claim to not have sex because you don't want kids and you wouldn't want your kid to "suffer" with you. I hope you never have kids, the way you talk. You think I don't know those girls who were slutting around in high school, who were *lucky* they didn't get pregnant? I bet you were one of them. You think I don't care about my future because I was stupid and had a child at a young age? I know the mistakes I made, but I have no regrets. I *bet* I'm doing better than you. I'll be graduating from a University on time, if not early in a field that will always have open jobs. I have a beautiful child who minds me, is so sweet, and makes my life happier than yours sounds. I also have two jobs so that I can provide for my child, along with my boyfriend having his own job. My child has not slowed me down, but in fact has put my life in to perspective. My child has SAVED MY LIFE. Please, let me know who you are instead of being too scared to state your name. What can a teen mom offer? What can you offer, I'd like to know that. I offer my support and kindness to other people, I offer my child to this world, who is our future. So the majority of teen moms are trashy bitches? Please tell me how many teen moms you actually know, and then we'll see what your "majority" is. Ignorant people, like you, make yourself look stupid, so "Get over it."

Anonymous said...

First of all, I didn't say only teen moms did it. All kind of people do it. When you say, "so any of you saying that people that have government assistance cheat the system, or are taking the easy way out, fuck you." sounds like you are saying that no one cheats the system, when in fact people do it all the time. And I was just saying that teen moms make up a percentage of that. Not a big percentage, but some do contribute to it. Just like middle aged people of all races. I don't know all teen moms. And again, I did not say that I knew them all. Nor am I saying that I know the life every teen mom out there because I don't, and if I was ignorant, I would say I know all about them. And sorry to correct you again, but I never said I never had sex. So I don't know where you got that from. I'm also aware that there are girls that are promiscuous and throw themselves at people. And I was not one of those girls because I respect myself. And what I do or don't do stays between my partner and I. You bring people down why they don't completely agree with you. Calling me ignorant, stupid, and a slut when I never said anything about the person you were. Also, I didn't say you were stupid for having a kid. I don't know you and I was just stating my opinion since you do have a public blog. If you are going to put yourself out there, grow some thicker skin and get use to people not agreeing with you. And I know plenty. One of my former best friend is a teen mom and it pains me to see how much her child is put through so much at such a young age. Going new babysitter to new babysitter where he is not well watched and he goes home with bruises from him falling down the stairs, or other kids hitting him with toys. Where he thinks his grandma is his mom and his real mom is never around. I don't feel sorry for teen moms, but I feel so bad for the kids that have mothers like that. Yes, a majority of teen moms are trashy, but there are also good teen moms out there. Like I said in my first comment. I also know a few of those. And you don't know my life, because I haven't said anything about it. So you really don't know how my life sounds. But if you must know, I have a pretty charmed life, and I'm lucky for the friends and family I have. Which I think you have those too. And you also don't know how well I'm doing, so I'll let you know that too, I graduated with many scholarships which makes it easy for me to go to school, and I don't have to pay for any of it except for books. I will also be graduating in a field that will always be in need and I will be doing my passion in two year. But I'm will get over this. Have a nice life and I wish you a lot of luck. But before I'm done with this, I hope you learn to tolerate people more. And I will have kids when I'm ready and I will love them because they will be mine. So your hope won't be granted, but thanks for showing dragging the teen mom title even more with your rude insults to a person you don't know. I know that if you comment on my race/sexual orientation/religious beliefs or anything of that sort, and you didn't agree on it, I wouldn't have talked to you the same way you talked to me because I know not everyone is going to agree with me. And that is maturity. Learn it.

Carolina said...

You are right, I don't know you, and you don't know me. I have thick skin. I've had people call me names for being a young mom, I've had dirty looks, so I have thick skin. Your first comment was a know it all comment, like you know everything about teen moms thats why you can talk to elaborately about it. I'm sorry about your friend, but just because you have that experience with that one person, you can't say that the majority of young moms are trash. I'm glad you have a great life and are deciding to wait to have kids, because that's what I want people our age to be doing, BUT just because others made mistakes doesnt mean you should talk down on them, because the mistakes they made are not your life. And dont tell me I was being rude, when you commented in the exact same way. I know there are teen moms that give others a bad name, but who am I to judge? Or you? You are not God. I also did not call you a slut.

And about school? I'm glad you get to go to college with lots of scholarships, that's great! I also got a full ride to a university that has helped tremendously. Again, I work hard for what I have, and I'm sorry but I won't let people talk down to teen moms in general on MY blog. Yes, it is public, but it is still my page, so if I don't agree with what you have to say, thats ok! Sorry if I came off as a Bitch, but I hate when people comment with no identity, as if hiding, and then say nasty things toward a "group" that I'm a part of.

Anonymous said...

You go Carolina show her whose boss!

Sarah L. A. said...

100 years ago, every mom was a teen mom ;) Don't let others get you down over distorted generalizations. You are better than that and those of us who are intelligent, objective and nonjudgmental do not view you in a negative light. You are not just a teen-mom, you are a mom, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, student, co-worker, etc.... never forget that! :)

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