Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby boy.

In a little more than 12 hours, I will officially have a 2 year old. Um, what? Yeah, 2. Agh, I can't believe it, AT ALL. My little baby is a baby no more. He's talking, running, singing, drumming, etc. He is crazy! He puts sentences together, learns words just by listening to people's conversations, and is just such a big boy!
I'm so proud of be this little one's mama! To think that 2 years ago, I was in the hospital at this time having contractions. I was actually waiting to get my water broken so my labor would progress! And now here I am, entering the terrible 2's with my gorgeous son.
As I sit here, he's throwing a tantrum, and the next minute, he's coming up to me saying "Hi mama, wah you mama." How can I get mad at that? ;)
I'm so excited to see what this next year brings for my family and I! We had a birthday party for Cole this past Sunday, so as soon as I get all of the pictures, I will post a couple here :)



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