Monday, September 20, 2010


It's getting harde & harder to update things & such. Having a baby is hard work! I can't believe at first I thought it was easy! How naive I was.
I love it though. Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I've ever felt in my life. And to think I'll be a mom for the rest of my life!! :)

Anyway, there hasn't been much going on in life lately, besides being a mom. Still working at Red lobster, hating it. I think I might apply at Applebee's or Whiskey Creek or somewhere as a bartender. Hopefully that will be fun & pay what I need. My 7.83 an hour is NOT cutting it & they haven't moved me up to a server which is REALLY pissing me off. It's stressful that I'm not making enough money. It sucks sucks sucks. And I'm not getting a second job when I have a baby, because I'm already missing precious time with my baby. I don't want to miss any more. So hopefully I can find a better paying job. Pray for me!!!

Oh my goodness, Cole has been smiling NON STOP lately. I talk to him so much & he laughs and smiles at me. I love it. He'll be 2 months in 4 days. I LOVE IT. He makes me so so so happy.
Well, Cole is waking up and hungry. So I need to go & tend to my FAVORITE little boy. good bye!


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