Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hey all :) How's everyone doing?
I'm GREAT. It's been a good week. Started working again on Sunday and I believe I transitioned smoooothly! I worked Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, and my feet HURT! I'm not used to being on my feet for more than like 30 minutes at a time, ha :)
Other than work, I've just been being a mommy. It's a full-time job you know ;). With that and work, I feel that I have a full plate on my hands. I realllly hope Andrew gets a job soon so I can cut my hours by a day or 2, so I can be with Cole more often. Everytime I'm away, I feel that I'm missing out on Cole time. It makes me sad! :(
Anyway, yesterday was my birthday! I turned 19, and it was a good day. Andrew and I went out to dinner at Red Lobster and then we went to the State Fair with bebe, my mom, & my sister! It was a good time. I loved being able to feel like a reckless teenager again ha. Andrew got me a Kathy purse! SUPER CUTE, I love it. & He also got me some clothes :) YAY birthday.
Well, I'm hoping that work isn't going to kill me, just waiting for the moola to roll in! Andrew and I need to start buying things for the apartment. Especially furniture!! AH. I'm going to be broke before I get that apartment ha.


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