Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday Cole had his 2 month check up. HE WEIGHS 14 LBS! And he is now 23.5 inches. the Dr said he is A CHUNK but his length is average. lol, he is a chunk though. I can't even believe how big he's gotten. It's almost sad! I want hims to be my little newborn. :(
Anyway, things have been going good. Andrew still hasnt gotten a job but I can no longer really blame HIM because he HAS been trying but not many people want to hire someone who will be moving in 2 months! But then again, we might not be moving in 2 months if he doesn't get some kind of income going. I start serving tomorrow so hopefully I start making good money because WE NEED IT. Ugh, i'm so stressed. Its almost getting better though because I'm trying to stay positive about everything.
In other news, apartment hunting SUCKS. Haven't really seen anything i LOVE, but I guess thats not what I should be looking fooor. Anyway, going to watch teen mom and sleep!


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