Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Day.

Ah, I can't believe it's Thursday. My "weekend" starts today! :) My last 2 classes are also today, so that's a plus!

Speaking of Thursday, when does your "weekend" start? What do you do over the weekend?
Unfortunately I'll be working Friday and Saturday, but gotta make some money! I'm paying two rents next month (wah!) and so I need to get as much money as I can!

On another note, moms: do you belong to a mom group on the internet or in real life? What do you all do to be a part of the group? What kind of group is it?
I've been looking for a group to be a part of in real life, but there's a lot of older women with their children and I just always feel so awkward, like they are looking at me and judging. Plus no group can compete with my facebook mom group. We've all been together since our kids were born (June-Aug 2010), some of them longer than that! If it weren't for those other mothers, I'd probably be depressed and crazy.

Everyone have a wonderful day!
xo Caro


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