Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have been so busy these past few months with school/work/family life! It is so crazy! This is my last week of class and then I have finals next week. I'm so nervous, but also so relieved for this semester to be coming to an end! I'm proud to say I've done pretty well in my classes!
So many things have been going on, so I'll catch you up:
 1. Getting a new apartment!!!!
 2. Finishing up school
 3. New daycare for Cole!
So we applied for a new apartment, put our deposit down, and we're about 90% sure we'll get it. We should hear about it tomorrow or the next day; YAY!
I'm also almost done with school (as mentioned above).
Cole started going to a new in-home daycare as of today. He loves it SO much, it's crazy. Doesn't even cry or whine when leaving us, which partially breaks my heart, but also makes me happy that he's content.

I'm so loving life right now and I'm hoping it gets better and better! I'm just putting my life in God's hands right now and letting him guide me in the right direction. So far, everything is turning out pretty perfect :)
Goodnight bloggers xo Caro

Lil man Model :)


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