Tuesday, June 26, 2012

S#!t's about to get real....

Ok, every one that reads this blog knows how much I love Teen Mom and 16&P. I can relate to it fully, I really can! We all go through similar hardships and I find comfort in knowing I'm not the only mother going through this. The thing that has been bothering me lately, though, is the "glamorizing teen pregnancy" question and claim that the show has been receiving. Up until today, I always said "NO WAY!", but now, I'm thinking "Maybe it does..."

Being a young mother myself, I know the hardships I am going through. Just thinking if I had a camera in my face, I might not be going through all of this. My family is struggling with money issues *so hard* that I can't pay all of my bills and I have to work *every day* to ensure that things do get paid, even if not on time. On the show, you never see these girls going through money problems. Maybe in the first season, yes, almost everyone has a job and has something go wrong with money, but now? They all have new cars, new houses, they've bought their own homes, moved to new places, etc. Gah, it bothers me! I do realize that these girls do other things than just be Teen Moms, but they started on the show and made money off of the show. Now they are probably set for a while, if not for life! Not even to mention that their kids probably have their college paid for once they get there. It's so disheartening because I'm sure to young moms, this is something they could have if they could get on the show. So in a way, yes, this show is glamorizing being a young mom. It's sad, because, I don't know how to say this without sounding entitled but....I feel like if they can have it so easy at this age, why can't I? And the reason why I can say they have it easy is because I am also a young mom. I got pregnant at the same time they did, I had a baby as a teenager just like they did, but they are riding around in nice cars and buying houses while I'm struggling to pay my electric bill before my rent takes all of my hard-earned money. It makes me sick, it really does. I'm so glad that those girls got a big "break", although I do agree that they did have to give up a lot of privacy, but they are taken care of. They don't have to worry about things like I do. Maybe I'm just bitching because I'm going through a lot of things right now, but having a pay check like they do would be so helpful in this moment. I just hate living like I am. Being uncertain about so many things in my life, it makes me very emotional and although being emotional at times is ok, I'm sick of being like this every day.

How do you get through tough times?



Gmalone said...

I agree with you. I feel that the show is NOT an accurate portrayal of life as a young mom. But I wouldn't be on their for free either. Kind of a weird balance of not feeling jealous and realizing that honestly, financially, their set.

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