Saturday, June 12, 2010

So, I have this formspring, because I just thought it would be fun, but some of the questions are not so nice. :( i'm really sick of people doubting me about being pregnant and being able to raise a child. Well, who are you to judge me?! I'm doing THE BEST I can to start to make a good life for my baby. So fuck you all who doubt me...thanks. :)

Anyway, my main intent of getting on here was to talk about how great Andrew and I are doing lately! He's done a whole 360 change. Everyone who matters sees it like my family, his mom, and most importantly, moi :)
He's been treating me like I'm his world and not only that, he's doing really hard work to make money for the baby and I. I hate dropping him off work because I want to spend time with him, but it's what we gotta do before Cole gets here! I have about 9 weeks left until he's here and I'm so excited. CAN'T WAIT!



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