Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is an early post...

...and that's because I dropped Andrew off at work today at about 6 AM, and now I can't sleep. I'm not 100% sure why, but I think it's because I'm not used to him having a responsibility and a job to go to. I'm used to him being with me pretty much any time we want to be together, because honestly I don't work too much right now. Aw, it was so cute. Before Andrew got out of my car to go to work this morning, he kissed me & then he kissed my belly <3. I can tell Andrew will be a good dad, and him getting this job and hopefully sticking with it is really showing that he's willing to sacrafice his freedom (a lot of it) to take care of Cole & I.
But really, I feel like I'm really growing up because I woke up with him this morning, made him coffee and eggs and packed his lunch. Ahhh. It's like the reality of being a mom and some what of a wife is hitting me. Obviously Andrew and I aren't married but I'd love to marry him someday...possibly soon? :) Anyway, even if we don't think about marriage for a while, him & Cole are my life. We're our own family now. It's so weird to think that in just a couple of months, Andrew and I will have our own family to take care of. It's kind of scary, though. I hope Andrew & I will be good enough parents to Cole. The way Andrew's been acting lately, though, doesn't make me doubt what kind of parent he will be & I know I will try my hardest as well. Of course we won't be perfect because this is our first child, but we'll learn along the way :).

Well, I guess I'm going to go pop in a movie or just watch music videos and wait until a little later to go to the grocery store. have a good day everyone!*


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