Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh wow.

Well, I'm here to update you guys on my life!
-As a mom, its going great, I'm loviiiing taking care of Cole. Its the best and most rewarding thing in the world when I see him happy and joyful. I mean it really makes my heart sing! :) That sounds so cheeeesy, but really. It's true ;) I LOVE HIMS!
-As a girlfriend, it's still a daily struggle between Andrew and I. It's not only his fault, or only my fault, but we're both at fault. Relationships are hard when it's just the two people, but it becomes even harder when there's a third person thrown in to the mix. (The third person is obviously my son, not another "lover" or whatever haha). I know for sure my fault is that it's different with Andrew because I want to focus all my attention and love towards Cole, but that's not fair to Andrew. Although he's not perfect, I should definitely appreciate him for atleast this: Without him, I wouldn't have my beautiful son. I couldn't of done it alone, either! Or maybe I could, but I'm much happier on this journey with him. And although I say that to him, I need to SHOW that to him. His fault, I think, is that I feel that I don't get ENOUGH help, or he doesn't pay ENOUGH attention to Cole. Maybe that's just me as Cole's mom and how much I LOVE and ADORE Cole, but I don't know. We both just have things to work on..
-As a daughter, I don't think I've been doing enough. I had a talk with my mom tonight and she told me MANY feelings I had no idea that she felt. I love and appreciate my mom to no end, but some of the things I do, or DON'T do in this case, really get to her. And even though we've had a talk similar to this in the past, I think I understand her more now that I'm a mom. I love her though, to no end. She's my rock and she has always been my role model. I really want to do something for her, maybe get her a gift or something once I start working again...HELP? Message or comment me any ideas on FB.

Well, I start work on the 29th of this month, and I'm excited but NOT excited! I want the money SO bad, because I want to start buying a couple things for our apartment and also I would like to be actually able to GET our apartment, ha. But anyway, that's all I have for tonight...


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