Monday, August 23, 2010


GRR. Andrew, Cole, & I all have a cold. Andrew's seems to be going away, but mine and Cole's seems pretty bad. :( Mostly just really stuffy noses. My throat hurts, I hope Cole's doesn't! I feel bad for my poor bebe :(

Anyway, besides that, I feel that Andrew and I have had some problems lately. I can feel myself being mean to him almost but I kind of figured out whyyy...
I feel that he doesn't help enough with the baby. I find myself doing EVERYTHING for Cole, not that I mind, but I would like to see Andrew connecting with his son more. I just don't think it's hit him very well that he's a father, Cole is as much his responsibility as it is mine. I don't know. I talked to him last night about it and I hope things change a bit, because I don't want to be bitter towards him because of something that can be changed with just a little bit of work.

Anyway, how are all the other teen moms doing today? Let me know what you & your babies are doing today! :)


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