Monday, January 2, 2012

Day one.

Today is January first, which means my New Year's Resolutions start TODAY! Hopefully I can keep up all year with this, but we'll see. Here are my "rules" for myself:
1. No pop during the 5 weekdays; on weekend I can have 1 pop
2. Light/moderate exercise 5 days a week. C25k/jogging 3 days a week, 30 day challenge 2 days a week.
3. Be up before 9 to do all exercises.
4. Learn to cook! And try to cook as healthy as I can!
5. Be happy, do what's best for my family, and be the best mother and girlfriend I can be!!

So today, I weight 146 lbs, I'm 5', and I'm finally realizing if I don't start something NOW it'll never get done and I'll be unhappy with my body forever. I also just want to be confident again! I used to be so confident and now I never think I look good even if I try.
My biggest goal is to be at 120 lbs by summer and then 110 by the end of the year. So total that is 36 lbs I need to lose. But for the first few months I'm focusing on the 26 I want to lose. Woo hoo! I'm pumped. Maybe I'll get a few more followers as well! I tried this before and did it for like 3 days, so I need to last SO much longer! I want results!
I'll also be posting a picture EVERYDAY of myself and my surroundings. I think it will be fun. The first picture is not a great one because I just got off work and it was a looong night. But nevertheless, here it is. Happy New Year's everyone!! xo


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