Saturday, January 14, 2012


I've been horrible with updating. I forgot how busy I get when I have school, on top of work, and then having my son. Anyway, my weight loss/diet thing is going well! I have been eating moderately well, I barely drink pop anymore, and I'm working out. I joined my school's gym so I'm going to be going to fitness classes 2x a week. I also want to do quick, middle-of-the-day work outs between classes. You know, 20 minutes or less, just get on the treadmill, or elliptical, or whatever. I'm excited! Even my sister and Andrew already have noticed a change, and even though I can't really tell, I feel a lot better about my body and I'm much more confident. :) I may not ever wear a 2 piece again, but I love how I'm feeling about myself!
All of you struggling with body issues can get over it, I promise! I'm halfway there!


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