Friday, January 20, 2012

Not gunna lie..

I have definitely slacked off on working out. I'm going to do Zumba today, so I'll get 20 minutes in, but otherwise I had a full day of cleaning and laundry ahead of me :(
I did join Weight Watchers which I'm pretty excited about! I love all of the "cheat sheets" and recipes they have! Once we go grocery shopping I'm going to try A LOT of them out! As well as the ones I have pinned on Pinterest!
My weight is staying about the same, but I do feel a lot more confident and better about myself. I can't wait until I see the inches "fall" off or the scale number go down. Just gotta keep trying, even if I fall off the bandwagon for a couple of days, I can't quit!

I hope you all are happy or satisfied with your body/diet endeavors! You can do it!


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