Saturday, January 7, 2012

Um, wow.

I have been taking all of this WAY TOO LIGHTLY. I know I am overweight and I am not doing enough to lose any weight and feel better about myself. I am at 144 now (2 lbs gone) but I have been eating better! I have to up my motivation though. I've gone running once and done my 30 day challenge twice this week which is not where I should be. I should have run at least one more time and do my 30 day challenge one more time, so although tomorrow is the weekend, I am doing it tomorrow! It's my punishment, since I skipped out today and yesterday. Any one else struggling with losing weight and gaining motivation?

I need help! I wish I had a group of walking/jogging moms that I could join here, or someone that totally got my busy schedule and could work out with me "after hours". Hopefully I'll find something/someone soon! I really think I might buy a fitcard from my university's rec center and do zumba once or twice a week! It sounds fun and I would be with other people my age. We'll see though, for now, this is it!



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