Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boys vs. Girls

I'm currently watching Dance Moms (why? I don't know, background noise I guess.) and it made me think of the drama behind moms of groups like this. Obviously, we see that most of the drama of this show is between the dance teacher, Abby, and the moms. The kids just have to deal with their crazy moms. This reminds me of my sister being in cheer leading and my mom never wanting to go to any meetings or anything really having to do anything with the parents because of the drama between the parents. If there was something they didn't like, there was drama, and my mom's not like that. Sure, there was drama between the cheer leaders as well, but that comes with the territory of a bunch of teenage girls.
So, this makes me think. Is it the same way with boys and sports? Is there drama between parents and coaches, or just between parents? I want Cole to be involved in a lot of things, if he likes them. I also want to be very involved with anything he does, I just want to know if I will have to prepare myself for drama. I hate drama, but I don't want it to stop me from being involved with his sports or extra activities! So let me know, if any parents or family were ever involved in football, soccer, or hockey and if there was animosity or drama between parents.


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