Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pregnancy/Motherhood Reality TV

We all know my blog is based off of being a teen mom and the show's 16&P and Teen Mom. Well, more and more, I've seen other shows on tv as well, even if it's just a "special" episode. Last year (or longer) I watched a show about a school for pregnant moms and young mother's to help them finish high school. They accommodate the children to make it easier for mother's to focus on school. Well, today, I watched the show Birth Moms, and realized that one thing that a lot of shows are failing to show, is how hard it is to be an adoptive mom. Sure, MTV shows Catelynn Lowell through her adoptive process and beyond, but that's where it stops. It was nice to see other mother's doing the same thing (although these girls are more troubled than our loved TM's). The show was heart-wrenching because all of these women were not first time mother's, so we think, "why give up a second or third child?" We can't answer these fully based off the show, I don't know these girls, but a lot of what they talked about was finances. Financially not being able to care for a child. Let me tell you from a first hand experience: having a child is EXPENSIVE! And yes, I did capitalize and bold that word, because it really is! I don't make much money, Andrew doesn't make much money, but what's weird is that although he makes minimum wage + a little bit, and I make just a tad more than that, we'd have plenty of money if we were single. If it was just us two doing what we are doing now, we'd have so much money left over each month. As it is now, we have $0 for ourselves and many months have struggled with paying our bills on times. SO yes, having a child is a money suck. I completely get why these women come to adoption, I am glad they did. When I first found out I was pregnant, both abortion and adoption ran through my mind, so it's a possibility for each of us that get pregnant to make that decision. To go through with it, is so much more. Seeing these women cry but still make the tough decision is heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time. They have given the gift of life to many other deserving parents. I cried a lot during this show.

I also watched the finale of 16&P and cried all during that. Kristen was pregnant when her fiance passed away. He drowned in the ocean, the same water she was in as she was drowning as well. She was saved and he was missing. How heart-breaking! Then, she goes in to pre-term labor and her son Lucas was born 1 month early at 3 lbs 3 oz. Wow! Just to think this young woman lost her fiance, was pregnant, and then had a hard pregnancy, and tough first few weeks as a new mommy. What a strong woman. She is someone I want to get to know. I couldn't even imagine not having Andrew for the rest of our lives, and Cole not knowing his father. It breaks me, and I wish all the best to Kristen, her baby boy, and the rest of her family!

What are your thoughts on these shows? Do they do any good? Are they just annoying at this point? Let me know in the comments!


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