Sunday, April 4, 2010

I feel so grown up.

I know it's only normal, because I'm pregnant, but it's so sad. I don't like feeling so grown up because all of my friends are still high school seniors and although we're all going to college (and they'll be going to college before me) I feel like I'm 30, while they're all still 18.
I also feel like I'm in a marriage with Andrew. It's not bad, but at the same time I'm trying to please him so much, I've forgotten about my friends. But anyway, all of my old friends are in to different things. Even Chelsey & Briana. I know Chels & I will always be the type of friends that haven't seen each other forever but talk about every day. But idk about Briana and I anymore. I'm losing her, and I can tell, ha. :/ It seems that she's always doing something else and I'll text her and a lot of times I won't even get a reply. Oh well, I guess it's whatever anymore. No one but me and maybe Andrew will be there when the baby's here. I guess that's all I should care about. I DON'T KNOW.

I've been so emotional lately. All I want to do is cry or be in a very great mood. it's crazy. UGH.
Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. Maybe it will be good, but very doubtful because it's monday. GOOOOOOOODNIGHT.

it's my baby!


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