Tuesday, April 20, 2010


somedays, I just want to give up. on school, on andrew, on the baby, but then I come to my sense and I'm just like WHAAAT am I thinking? I could NEVER give up on my baby Cole, there's no way. He's my number 1 priority. Because of him being my number 1, I don't want to give up on school or Andrew either. Sometimes it's just so hard with Andrew though, he can be so stubborn and such an ass. But through everything that has ever gone on between us, I know we both love each other SO much. and that's what makes me happy. I just hope he can buckle down and be a responsible dad. Although we still have 3.5 months to go, that 3.5 months will FLYYYY by. Next thing we know & my contractions will be starting. It's just crazy. HOPEFULLY, Andrew & I can keep working through all of our differences and stupid little fights and GROW UP. We are about to be parents after all! WOW.

Anyway, I'm getting super excited because I've been looking at furniture and strollers and car seats and CLOTHES of course. And Cole has been moving around so much lately and Andrew got to feel him last night :). He was so happy! I was too, it was awesome. Andrew even tried to feel Cole move while I was sleeping but that wasn't too succesful ha.
On top of being excited, I'm also very scared. Kind of scared of labor and pain, but more so of actually having a baby around and being a mom and money and moving out & college. It's just too crazy right now. I'm SCARED!

anywayyy, everyone have a good day, I should go do my homework now, bye!


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