Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It is beautiful out! The sun is shining bright & I love it! It's still pretty chilly, but whatever. I'll take what I can get at this point.

Anyway, school is almost over. Next week is my last week of class & then finals and then, I'M DONE! For the summer anyway. It feels so good to finish my first semester in college. Ha, that sounds so weird. I'm definitely in dire need for this summer. And it's going to be a great one at that! Andrew's birthday is May 17, so that's REALLY coming up soon. My dad's is May 30. COLE'S BIRTHDAY IS JULY 24TH!!! I can't believe my little pride and joy will be a year old in about 3 months. That's too crazy to me. Already tearing up!
We're thinking about doing a jungle theme! And for one of his birthday presents, we're taking him to the Omaha Zoo! There is one here in Lincoln, but its a children's zoo, very small, and I haven't ever been to the Omaha Zoo. It looks amazing online, & Andrew says it's awesome :) So very excited!

Not too much else to update on. I'm trying to look for a second job for the summer but I want something that doesn't take up too much time and pays $10 or more. The reason for this is that I like working at Red Lobster. I've worked there for 3 years and just love the company. I want to work there over the summer, too, but it's just going to be very slow - it always is in summer. So that's my reasoning behind getting a second job. I don't know though. I guess I just might have to work at Red Lobster everyday this summer to make some good money!

I hope everyone's having a beautiful day!*


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