Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tribute to my mother/TM2 Reunion/update

Tribute to my mother:
I just want to say my mother is wonderful. Ever since I can remember, she has just been my best friend. She helps me out with WHATEVER she can. She is the greatest mother & grandmother anyone could ever ask for. She accepted my pregnancy (hesitantly) but she did. She helped me emotionally and financially when I thought I couldn't do it by myself. She was there for Cole & I and even Andrew who she has no obligation to, whenever any of us needed anything. She has been the best supporter ever! I can't say enough things about my mom to make her sound as good as she truly is. Her birthday is on Monday, and I don't know what to get her! I'm sure I'll think of something, but after all she's done for me since I found out I was pregnant, I feel like it needs to be very meaningful and perfect!

Teen Mom 2 Reunion:

All I can say about this is WOW. I was very emotional throughout the whole thing because I can relate to all of the girls..mostly. Jenelle, not so much, but whatever. Here's what I think about all of the girls!:
Chelsea: She's a beautiful, smart, wonderful mother. I'm happy she is so good to Aubree. Having said that, I think she needs to make the decision in her relationship life based on Aubree's well being. And I think her being with Adam is not healty for her OR Aubree. But I know she's a great mom and will ultimately make a decision that is good for her and her beautiful daughter!
Leah: She's beautiful, strong-willed, and a great mom! I admire her so much for being a great mom to twins and especially one with special needs. Both her girls are beautiful. Not going to lie, a little jealous that she is married and so happily married at that! I hope to one day get to that point with Andrew! I wish her all the best and hope Ali gets some answers!
Kailyn: What happened in the past, is the past, there's nothing you can do about that. I think both you & Jo need to work on your problems together or apart, I don't think you saw how much he actually cared about you and wanted to be there for you. It made me sad to hear that he saw you as his wife and all that. I felt really sad for him. But I do hope that you and Isaac and Jo are happy, together or apart. You all deserve it!
Jenelle: I'm sorry. I don't like you as the person we see on TV. Maybe you are really cool and really care to be a mom, but I don't see it. I feel so sorry for your son and even your naggy mom. I think they both deserve better. But for their sake, I hope you are truly working on yourself, because Jace deserves his mother.
That's my take on that! Sad to see them go, but SO excited to see the original girls!! :)

My dad and younger sister's are coming to see Cole & I. I am so excited! They are my half sisters, but they haven't met Cole yet. I'm so excited to see them because it's almost been a year!
Anyway, I guess there's nothing too new over here. Cole is babbling a lot more and clapping, it's so cute! He is standing in his crib and pack and play and virtually anywhere he has a hold on to something! It's so crazy. BLEH! Going to go buy his easter outfit tomorrow! So excited!

*night all!


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