Thursday, April 21, 2011


It was like I was meant to fail Poli Sci..
I set my alarm last night for 645 AM so I could study. I got up, studied until about 8 and then figured I could sleep for just a biiit longer before my test at 930. Welll, I set my alarm again for 850, so I could just get up, fix myself up a bit, and then go take my test. WELL, guess what? I set my alarm for 850 PM. Ugh. I slept through my test. & She doesn't do any make-ups. So whatever. I guess I'm just supposed to fail that class. I don't care. I'll just have to do better next semester...


Anyway, Andrew got the job at Wal*Mart, but for now, we're still relyin on my measly income :/
I want to get a second job but don't know if that's a good idea..we'll see!
I guess I should go study and then play with my baby boy! His 9 month appt is monday, so excited!!


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