Wednesday, March 17, 2010

High school and stuff...

It's so weird that in less than two months, I will never be a high school student again. It's very bittersweet, because I don't know whether I'll miss any part of it or not. I'm sure I'll miss some people, but I don't care about others. Also, I won't miss the drama, I know that for sure. In college and the real world, nobody cares about your drama and people look down on you for shit talking, they don't really join in. Oh well, whatever. I'm sick of most aspects of high school, I'm glad that I'm out!

Anyway, I'm watching this show Addicted on TLC, and it's super interesting. I can definitely relate with some of it. Not that I've ever been addicted to anything, but I know many and especially one person dear to my heart that has. It breaks my heart to see that, and that's why I've never tried a drug. I've gotten curious but never actually done something because I can't. I could never cause that pain to any of my family. :( it's so sad!

Anyway, baby stuff now. My mom has been buying a lot of basics: onesies, booties, hats, socks, towels, bedding, and blankies. It's amazing. I need to start buying stuff for me and that baby too! Especially a lot of clothes. Ahh, I just want to know if it's a boy or a girl tho! EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR TOMORROW. HOPEFULLY DR. KENNA WILL DO AN ULTRASOUND. She said she wanted to wait but maybe I can beg her? :) lol, I want to atleast see my baby! I'm already 4 months and 3 weeks! Uh hello?! I need to see my baby bean<3!
Well, I'm probably going to sleep soon, its getting late! Night all! <3


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