Saturday, March 20, 2010


This morning I think I felt the baby move! It was like a little pitter patter in my lower stomach, and I was just waking up and I felt it and got excited and then got startled when my phone rang, and then it stopped. I'm not sure if it was my baby bean but I sure hope it was! It was the best feeling in the world!

Anyway, I watched Maci and Chelsea on the Today Show, they were on there on Friday I believe, and I just started bawling. I don't know why exactly, I just did. I think I'm just starting to realize that in about 4 months, I'm going to have a baby and my life is going to do a complete 360! My life is going to be tough and not always happy, but I'm just glad that I have my family to back me up. I don't want to be sad about my circumstances, but I am a little bit right now. I think I'm especially sad because I see how all of the couples on Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant are ending up, and I hate it. Now that I'm going to have a baby with Andrew, I don't want our relationship to become even harder, because I want him to be around for the baby all of the time, not just part time. I love him so much, and I love the baby so much, that I want us to be a little family but also be HAPPY.

I'm really having trouble finding clothes now. I'm starting to get bigger, that it's really hard for me to fit in to any of my clothes. I feel huge lol. But also, I'm trying to look for dresses, because I have some semi-formal things that I need to go to and nothing to wear! Well, I have a lot to wear, but it's all too small! And also, my prom dress. UGH. I have to order a size 10 in it because I'm gettting so big! it's crazy lol.
anyway, I'm going to go be the photographer for my cousins, cause this is their first winterball ever! :) bye!


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