Saturday, May 26, 2012

Little man.

Wow, as frustrating he is, being his mother is reward and makes up for every tantrum. Just watching him grow and learn! I keep hearing new little phrases that I thought were babbles just the day before, but no, they are new words! And he repeats everything, and I mean everything! Luckily, both Andrew and I have tamed our curse words (mine are almost non-existent these days, yay!) so there is no naughty words coming out of our young son's mouth!
Cole is also a water baby. He's in love with being in the pool, so luckily we have one at our apartment complex. Even when he's shivering because he's cold, he doesn't want to get out! It's so cute. He loves jumping in the pool and letting me catch him. He'll say "1...2...1....2" and then jump in. Can't say 3 yet! :)
I could talk about him and his accomplishments all day, all year probably, but I'm sure there will be more everyday that I will update on. He *will* be 2 in 2 months, so there will be new challenges that come along with having a 2 year old. I just can't wait to give him his birthday party. It will probably be intimate this year. Just family, and a few friends/babies will be invited and we'll have it in the clubhouse of our apartment. Yo Gabba Gabba theme and hot dogs and hamburgers will be served! I've been planning along with the help of Pinterest (check it out and help out if you'd like!)

Enjoy this beautiful weather!


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