Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teen Mom: The Final Season

Oh my gosh, can you believe it! The original 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom girls are in their last season. It starts June 12 @ 10 pm on MTV. I'm very excited to "catch up" with them again. It does bring up some emotions though, because during the first season of Teen Mom I was pregnant! So these girls are girls I had something in common with. I learned parenthood with. It makes me *very* emotional actually. Just thinking that their kids are turning 3, makes me realize that Cole's just about to be 2.
Where has the time gone? Where is my little newborn who would cry a sweet little cry, or my infant who was just learning to eat solid foods. Now he's a toddler, entering his terrible two's. He makes and breaks my day, gives the best kisses, says please and "gracias", and loves with his whole heart. Ahh, it's really sad and exciting to see him grow up. Sad just because I know he won't always be my little boy, but exciting because I get to witness his learning and growth.

Anyway, watch the Teen Mom trailer here! This season won't disappoint!


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