Friday, July 9, 2010

Life is good..

Hopefully it continues to stay that way. I'm getting very anxious for Cole to get here. Its a month *give or take* and I can't wait any longer. Not only am I super uncomfortable in my body, but I want to meet my baby boy!<3

Here is a list of things that Andrew & I need to work on & buy before Cole gets here:

1. we need to SAVE our $$$. mostly he needs to work on this. he makes almost 400$ every week & its gone in the same week. & none of its for the baby :/ that's redic.
2. our relationship. we need to make sure we're good before Cole comes, because we're going to need to be a TEAM when baby is here cuz i'm NOT going to do it alone. I refuse.
3. We need to start looking @ apartments in lincoln in late august, early september so we can get a deposit in atleast.
4. baby things we need: *pack n play, swing, CARSEAT & STROLLER, & bathtub. otherwise I think we're good.

Ugh, I hope we can get the carseat & stroller ASAP because uh, I'm due SOON. & I need to have that carseat. that's an actual necessity. :/ we'll see. maybe my mom will order it for me tmr. I'll just pay her back slowly. ugh.

Anyway, in the next week, I want to have a garage SALE. hopefully make some money that way :)

well, goodnight then. <3


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