Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soul mate?

I think its so weird that I'm so young, yet I feel that the person I fall asleep to every night & wake up to every morning is the man I'm meant to be with. He's my best friend, truly! He's always there, and even though sometimes he would rather be out with his friends, I can understand him. Because even the best of friends need a little break.

I love him like WHOA. I guess I didn't even think he was my "soul mate" until Cole brought us closer, I hope Cole keeps helping us along when he's born too, but I think he will because I can see how much Andrew LOVESSSS Cole already. I love it when he leaves the house & kisses my belly & says "I love you Cole" Its so weird to see someone do such a 360 degree change to their life. Andrew used to be someone I could probably see myself with only to party & "hook-up" with ha. but now he's the LOVE of my life & nothings going to change that. He's the ooonly man I want to be with for the rest of my life :) and I can't wait for Cole to get here to complete our family. I love my life & those in it :)


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