Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I hate playing this waiting game. Technically, my 40 weeks aren't up yet, but my doctor said I was already 4 cm dialated & its realllly getting me excited. I haven't had regular contractions yet, so I'm frustrated. I just want my baby here in my arms! I can't wait to be a mom & show all those people that think I CAN'T do it, that I CAN! :)

Anyway, did anyone watch Baby High?! I thought it was an amazing show. I wish I could've gone to a school like that when I was pregnant. Luckily I didn't have my child in the middle of the school year, which makes things a liiiittle easier. Anyway, it seems that the teachers & principals really care about their students & aren't going to be giving up on them. There is some controversy about schools like that, though, because people say it condones teen pregnancy. What do you guys think?
I personally think its an amazing oppurtunity for young woman to keep going on with their lives, even with a child. I'm sure its hard to raise your own child while you're still trying to figure out your own life. I think its a great school & all of the teachers seem to be very supportive. Teen pregnancy has alwaaaays been around & will continue to be around & this school is just making a teen mom's chance of graduating and going on to college greater. What's wrong with that? NOTHING! :)

Last thing. I'm getting really, really scared. I can't wait to have Cole in my arms, but I'm scared of the process of getting him there. I have to be on some antibiotics during labor for Cole's safety & I'm scared I won't get to the hospital on time for those, or for an epidural if I decide to get one! Its kind of a scary thought to not make it to the hospital in time. Is this fear normal? :/
Oh well, have a great day everyone!*


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