Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello again. I'm just lounging on the couch, enjoying my time before I have to go to work. I work as a hostess at Red Lobster and I love it. Everyone there is so amazing and supportive!
Today was my first day back to school as a pregnant woman, ha. It wasn't bad. Some people were staring at me, but it was no thang. I'm trying not to let it bother me at all, but its a little bit hard!
I'm getting excited for everything. I'm only about 9 weeks a long but I can already see some small changes in my body. Its getting a little bit more real, but its time for me to buckle down for my unborn baby.
Pretty much everyone knows, I'm just waiting for someone to say something negative to me. I know it will happen. Well, maybe not to me, but behind my back. One of my old elementary friends texted me when she saw the news on facebook (I posted a status that hinted towards my pregnancy) and it made me feel amazing. She was super supportive and it meant a lot to me! I hope a lot more people are like that, everything will be great.
After a month of being carless, I finally got a new car last night! It took almost 2 hours because my mom is a bargainer (hahah) but I got an '04 Chrysler Sebring. I LOVE IT! It's silver and super new looking and clean. It's beautiful! It's my baby--for the time being!
On a different note, Andrew is trying to get back in to school. He got in trouble last semester and stopped going to school all together. Hopefully with this baby he will step it up, at school and at work, because I love him SOSO much and I want him to be helping me now and when the baby comes.
Well, I'm going to go research some baby names :). If I have a boy, for sure his name will be Cole, like his daddy. (Andrew's middle name is Cole). And if its a girl, Andrew and I are still looking. I love the name Sofia and was so set on it, but Andrew doesn't like it. Poo :(
Hope everyone that reads this isn't stuck in the snow like me!


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