Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I was thinking...

...about my upcoming life. How crazy that in such a short time, I'm going to be on my own, with a baby, and in COLLEGE. I can't even believe that.
I'm very very very VERY scared, but I'm so excited to meet my lil girl/man and give them the best life I can.
I'm not too excited for college, cuz it will be super tough, and even tougher with my baby, but I'm not scared. I've gotten through 12 years of high school. 4 years more won't be so bad.
Oh well, life will be good, the best I can make it.
Andrew has been nice lately, and its nice, but its not exactly what I want. He said he got a job at Pizza Hut, I'm just waiting for the proof, you know?
I don't want to think its too good to be true buuut, um, yeah.
Well, I'm very emotional this week, so I'm freaking out on any one! Grr. Well, anyway, I think I'll go ahead and look for food and do my homework and then go to bed.
Good night everyone! <3


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