Sunday, January 31, 2010

Before I ramble about my dramatic life...

...I'd like to thank everyone that reads this and gives me that extra strength I need. Many people message me on Facebook to let me know they read this, and offer good, encouraging advice! It's amazing, there are so many amazing on this earth.

Now, today wasn't a bad day. I woke up very tired, even though I slept forever, it felt like. I worked from 1030 to about 245 and then had lunch at Red Lobster with my best friend.
It was an okay day, because then Andrew came and picked me up and we went to go get my ring sized. Chantal (at riddle's jewelry, she's my friend's mom) helped us, and she was very interested in my ring. It's beautiful, but she wanted to know if it was a WEDDING ring, lol. I said UHHH no. But then I got to thinking, what is this ring for? But I came to the conclusion that it's a promise ring. I don't know if Andrew and I are going to be together forever or even for the next year, I have no idea, but I do know that by giving me this ring, he has promised me that he loves me and he will be here for me and our baby forever. I know we'll always be ok, even if we don't stay together. I can see that now.
I feel happy today. I'm glad we started out fresh. I needed that, he needed that. And we're ok..for now. As much as I don't like saying that, you never know. But I do believe that Andrew and I can make it through anything. So maybe we are meant forever? I don't know. Well anyway, I'll leave it there, before I start thinking too much, that always gets me in trouble, lol.
Good night! <3


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