Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teen Mom Finale Special.

WOW. I love watching these girls every week, I feel a lot closer to them and other teen moms. we kind of all have a bond.
Anyway, life has been good the past few days. Andrew and I are mending a lot right now, and I believe we're doing better.
It's just going to take a lot for my love to grow for him again. It's like the stage he went thru was very unattractive and it made me not love him as much, but he is changing: I can tell. I can see it. and best of all, my mom and his mom see it too. It's so exciting! :D
Anyway, Andrew and I are watching his one year old brother, Grey. I'm excited because we need the practice for our own baby. Well anyway, I'm going to bed, because I'm tired and Andrew's here so I think I will be giving him my attention tonight :). Later


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