Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I feel like shit everyday.

And I know it's not good for the baby! But I can't help it. I'm so stressed, I'm sick. Andrew's attitude and behavior are driving me up the wall & I don't know what to do.
Someday's we're incredibly good and other days it's super bad & i haven't even done anything! Stupid drug withdrawl symptoms, he's moody as fuck.
I find myself crying every day. & not only just some tears, it's like a bawling fit. I don't know what TO DO! I don't want to stress anymore because I've heard that can be a reason for miscarriage. & I can't have that. I'm so attached to this baby already, I can't let my baby go. I'm not even sad for me anymore. I'm sad for my unborn baby. I want it to have the best life & I feel that Andrew won't be that for the baby. I love Andrew, though. I really do. He's my everything, best friend, & I understand he's going through a rough time right now, but he's not understanding that I'M going through a rough time, too.
Being pregnant has really taken a toll on my life. I feel like I have no friends, no social life, my school work has gone down the drain, and I have no motivation for anything. GRR. I feel like my life is really going down the drain, but I know I'm better than that. I just hope Andrew can grow up too because that's one thing that's really getting to me & making me sick & stressed. I already missed 2 days of school this week.
My head ache's are getting worse and the crying fits are horrible. I feel so depressed.
The ONE thing I'm looking forward to right now is my doctor's appointment is this thursday! I don't know who's coming with me, but I know someone I love will be with me!
Ok, I'm going to try and be happy all tonight and tomorrow (even though I have to work tmr, boo.) no matter what. FOR THE BABY.
k byeee.


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