Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Like my new layout?

I do! It's in honor of Valentine's Day, which is this weekend! The first time in 2 years that I have a valentine. 2 actually! Baby bean is my valentine as well as Andrew.
Well, here's a little update on what's been going on. Andrew and I are good, I'm just super emotional lately, I think sometimes I make things worse between him & I with out meaning to, ha :/.
Hmm, what else...OH YA. Chelsey and I worked together yesterday and she told me about an experience she had with some of our old friends in her class. I think it was Chase, Drew, Kellan, and some guy named Pete or Peter or something. Well anyway, they asked her if I was pregnant & she said ya (of course) and they were just baffeled. Drew & Chase were like "that's so weird/crazy blah blah blah" and I guess Kellan was talking shit. I don't know about me or me being pregnant or Andrew, not sure. Well I just want to say something in regards of that: Yes, Andrew has had some troubles and yes he's not perfect, but I can tell you right now, none of those three guys are perfect ESPECIALLY not Kellan. It hurts my heart so bad to hear that someone was talking shit on me or my man. I understand & I knew something like that would come sooner or later, but it really sucks to hear. I love Andrew with all my heart & we're both fighting to be better people for each other and our unborn child. So please, little boy, don't talk shit on someone when I can tell you right now: you're not perfect, either. Its the fact of life, guys.
Well now that I vented that, I don't have much else to tell except that we have a 5 day weekend! The only sucky part is that I work saturday and sunday and it's going to be SO busy at the red because of Valentine's Day. Is anyone doing anything special for v-day? I think Andrew and I will do something since I have sunday night off, but we'll see.
Anyway, pregnancy wise, I still haven't had my first appt. Isn't that crazy?! Everyone was so booked when I made my appt PLUS my OB/GYN was in some legal trouble at the time so he couldn't see me right away. He no longer works there (his choice) and so I got a new doctor that I've never even see! I don't even know if it's a girl or guy. I'll just have him/her for this first appt and if I feel uncomfortable, I will switch to Andrew's mom's OB/GYN because she loves her doc. I'm starting to feel a lot more pregnant, though. My tummy is getting better and Andrew and the rest of my friends & family are starting to see it. Andrew is starting to bond a little bit more with my belly, not a lot but he'll kiss it and rub it from time to time. It's cute <3. :D
Wow, I feel like this post is so long. I can't wait until I can show everyone who reads this my first baby picture. How exciting!!
Have a good day, week, and Valentine's Day everyone! <3


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