Tuesday, February 23, 2010


To this minute right now, I still haven't seen Andrew. He says that he's going to come over in like 30 minutes but psh, doubt that's going to happen. It sucks.
I've been thinking a lot lately and I don't know what to do about anything. I don't even know where to start. I'm sick of filling out a million papers about my income, my parents income, and random questions on who what where when why I need the help with college and stuff. Ugh, I wish I could just say "YES I NEED FINANCIAL HELP. I'M NOT LYING!" It's horrible, I'm so sick of it.
I've decided to give Andrew a ultimatum, because I'm sick of him being supportive one day and then unsupportive & problematic for 5 days. So tonight if he comes over I will tell him "You can either step up, be there for me every day, or get out and not make me suffer from the stress you bring everyday." I'm not sure I'm ready to have him out of my life, but I can't think about me, not anymore. It's about my baby and I can't be so stressed out every day and crying because that's not good for the baby. So, if he's not going to be a good boyfriend, I'm done. As much as I love him and want my baby to know his/her daddy, idk if that will happen.
I'm just sick of Andrew letting me down. And it's not like every day, I understand that, but it's the majority of the time. But I guess I'll stop worrying about it. I just need to worry about my baby. Ahh, I love you my little baby bean :)
Well yesterday I got a phone call from the clinic saying that I have an infection in my urine so I'm taking antibiotics for that. Also, I'm anemic so I have to take Iron too. Not a big deal I guess, but I thought I'd let everyone know my medical status. We're also working on our Medicaid case to make sure I can keep my medical assistance because without that, I can't do anythinggggggg. Oh well, goodnight my loves. I hope I see Andrew soon!


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