Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is Valentine's Day.

But it doesn't feel like it for me. Feels like any other sad day I've had this week. :( I'm pouting, is that so wrong? I feel like crap. I worked from 9-530 and I thought, maybe Andrew has something planned or he will atleast come over right when I get off...NOPE..i pick d) none of the above. He still hasn't showed up or texted in about 30 minutes and I'm just bummed. I mean, it shouldn't take a special holiday to make me happy but even a special holiday hasn't made him want to come over & see me & tell me he loves me or something. I'm really upset. I keep holding back tears.
I know I deserve a better behavior from him, but will I ever get it? I don't think so! I keep thinking about next January when I go back to school and how I won't be working because I'll have a fairly new baby and how I will have to rely on Andrew for money, & it sounds nice to have someone work for me but is that reality? I don't think so. I want to believe in him, but I can't anymore I really can't.
So am I over reacting? Or is this ok? I don't know. GRR.
I'm just so mad at everything and mostly at myself for putting myself in this situation in the first place. So, I guess I'll go to bed or something, since I have no valentine to spend it with. Good night.


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