Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday and today have actually been surprisingly good. Andrew and I have been getting along verrrry well. Yesterday we spent the day together. Well, not really the day cuz I had to go to school and work but when I wasn't at school or working, we hung out. Today we hung out while I wasn't at school and went to the DOCTOR! :)
Yay! So, I was kind of scared to go to this doctor because I had never seen her before and my mom said she didn't like woman doctors because sometimes they were rougher than man doctors. IDK. She wasn't rough or anything but the BEST part was....I GOT TO HEAR THE BABY'S HEART BEAT! It was soo amazing. :) I cried lol. I got so emotional, I couldn't help it. Andrew was so happy to hear the heartbeat too, I could tell. He was so cute when we left the doctor's office, he was like "I'm so happy we're having a kid, baby" & I was very happy to hear that from him.
As much as we both mess up (mostly him ha ha), we're both going to love this baby with everything we have, I know it.
AHH. So excited for everything. YAY. kdsj;alskjf;k Ok bye.


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